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Frequently Asked Questions


We’re thinking of doing a video in the near future. What’s the first step?

We often suggest an initial meeting at no cost to you. In this meeting, we can discuss your needs and what services you may need to effectively produce your company’s video. Naturally we hope you choose us when you’re ready, but if you do decide to go with another company, you’ll be more prepared having spoken with us first.

How much should we budget for a video?

This question is often compared to asking how much it costs to build a home. The cost generally depends on the number of features you want and how many days it will require to implement them. For example, a CEO speaking on-camera from his office about plans for a company’s expansion would need visuals over segments of his speech. If existing still photos are used and then scanned into the video, your budget would require one day of shooting, a few hours of scanning, and editing time. However, if you would prefer live video of various parts of your company in action while the CEO speaks, that would require several days of shooting and naturally more editing. In this instance, you should budget for the additional days of shooting. Generally, you should expect to budget between 5k and 15k for a video.

What if we have a fixed budget number?

We will still be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs and suggest several options. A large budget does not always mean the best end-result. There are always creative ways to produce a successful video even on limited budgets.

How long does it take to produce videos?

This depends on several factors. Video production usually falls into three phases. The first, Pre-Production, consists of planning the script, writing and approving the script, location scouting of the sites to be included in the video, talent selection if necessary, and all arrangements leading up to the shooting days. The second phase, Production, is the shooting. The third phase is Post Production which consists of editing, voice over and duplication if necessary. Generally, one to two months are necessary for completion.